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Welcome to Empire! We are excited to get to know you. Our commitment is to provide value to all our visitors through education, care and inspiration. Feel free to browse our site and contact us for more information as you feel inclined. Our approach to healing is unique -- patient based and heart centered. We listen to understand your goals and dreams and then develop a comprehensive and personalized care plan to overcome your challenges. We know for example that the knee is attached to a body as part of a person with a life to live! This is a team approach so you will feel supported through the whole process and never alone. Nothing pleases us more than the stories we hear about our patients who have reclaimed their lives through movement -- walking , running, wrestling with the kids, sitting comfortably at the theater, or jumping into an adventure vacation.

So take this time to learn about the miracles of regenerative medicine and thus understand why we at Empire are so excited to offer these services as the preferred option rather than (1) dangerous medications or (2) burdensome joint replacements. Now you have a third option which taps into the healing powers of the body where cartilage and bone and tendons are actually regrown to replace the injured tissue. We stand ready to explore possibilities with you. Book your complimentary consultation with us now!