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COVID-19: Is Your Immune System Up to Par?

Over the past few weeks, the world has been in fear of the rapidly spreading cases of COVID-19 known as the Corona Virus. This virus is highly contagious, and it appears that those with lower immune systems, due to, underlying conditions or poor health, are most at risk. The medical industry is working diligently to identify a vaccine for this horrible virus. Recently articles were released to the public stating that Chinese researchers are studying the use of stem cell technology in the treatment of people critically ill with the Corona Virus (Covid-19) after four critically ill patients, including a 65-year-old woman, treated with umbilical cord tissue (UCT) have improved and been discharged from the hospital.

Today an article was released from the Daily News stating that a doctor claims he made a breakthrough in coronavirus pandemic with stem cell injections – having a 100% success rate after treating nine mostly elderly patients.

When patients are in a severe condition caused by the virus, the cause of deterioration and even death is the “inflammatory storm”, when the human immune system is over-activated by the infection. UCT contains a combination of components that may have the ability to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Components consist of cytokines, proteins, mesenchymal stem cells, growth factors collagens and more.

Mesenchymal stem cells have a strong secretory function, promoting the formation of new blood vessels, cell proliferation, and differentiation, and inhibiting inflammatory response, experts say. According to San Marino’s Bioscience Institute, mesenchymal stem cells could potentially be a treatment for the novel coronavirus by “improving lung microenvironment, inhibiting immune system overactivation, promoting tissue repair, protecting lung alveoli epithelial cells, preventing pulmonary fibrosis, and improving lung function.”

Studies also show that amniotic membrane (AM) tissue injections may be an alternative to boost the immune system. Although AM has no living cells, it contains more than 225 natural growth factors, cytokines, chemokines, and collagens. These help the body regulate inflammation and boost the healing of musculoskeletal injuries.

While this therapy is not yet a method to eradicate or cure Coronavirus, there is evidence to support the concept that infected patients may be more likely to combat and survive infection when treated with these types of products and those that have not yet contracted the virus, a way to prophylactically boost their immune system.

We wish you all health and safety during this crisis. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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