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What are Palingen and PalinGenFlo? New York City

PalinGen and PalinGenFlo are innovative new ways of helping patients with degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and various orthopedic joint problems through a process called stem cell recruitment. They generally work via amniotic injections, including knee injections and joint injections.

States Take Legislative Action to Increase Access to Stem Cell Therapies New York City

The use of stem cells in scientific research and clinical application has been a “hot button” topic since Molly the Sheep was born of genetic cloning July 5th, 1996. Since then we have seen the field of genetics and stem cell therapy drastically expand worldwide. We have seen presidential policy restrict the research and application […]

A Sports Injury Case: Why PRP Works

High Quality PRP Kits and Properly Timed Physical Therapy Nets the Desired Accelerated Healing Results When John, a former college football player who now works on Wall Street, pulled a hamstring while sprinting around the Central Park reservoir, his orthopedic surgeon did not recommend PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. The doctor cited recent study results that […]